How do I return an item?
Returning Merchandise

  • We have a fairly liberal return policy.

  • If it doesn't work for you, we'll take it back for exchange, upgrade, or refund.

  • Products must appear unused and be packaged in original product packaging and have
    been purchased fairly recently (we understand about gifts and delays in use because of weather), preferably
    within the last 30 days.

  • You will be responsible for any freight charges to return the product. We do not accept CODs. We also do not refund the initial freight amount because we cannot get reimbursed for the expenditure.

  • Refunds will customarily be made in the same manner of your original payment. If you have changed
    credit cards, we pay make a refund by check since our system doesn't allow a refund to a different
    credit card than the one used on the original purchase.

  • Defects will be customarily exchanged, but could be upgraded or refunded at your choice.
    We do not charge freight for replacement of defects; nor would there be freight charged on the
    second order if you upgraded the product from the returned defect.

  • We hope we will have given you good enough advice before your purchase that you will be
    satisfied with the product(s) you purchased.

  • Whatever the reason for a return:
    Please contact us for more information on returning an item.
    Thank you, and clear skies!

  • Our phone numbers are 1-855-4EYEPIECE (Toll-free) or 310-904-6401 (International and Local).

  • Thanks for understanding.

  • Don Pensack

  • Return Address (but call or write first):


  • 1200 N. Kenter Ave.

  • Los Angeles, CA 90049