International Orders
International Orders Information

Dear Customer,

We get lots of orders from customers outside the US, and we may ship orders to your country.
Some things to note about international orders:


1.If you need an exact freight quote for your product, click to add the item to your shopping cart and then go to check out. You will see freight options before you get to the payment page. International orders go by UPS or USPS Priority Mail International (your choice, though USPS is usually cheaper), though orders to Australia and New Zealand must go by UPS since USPS is no longer handling packages for those locations, so you can pick your freight option. You can either leave the shopping cart at that point (the order is not official) or hit the back button and remove the item from your shopping cart, or continue through checkout to place the order.

2.You will be responsible for all freight and duty charges, broker fees, local taxes to import the product(s). If ordering from the US because prices here are low, please keep that in mind.

3.We accept payment by credit card (from Canada and US Only), or PayPal from any country.

4.Any/all documents accompanying the shipment, by US law, must clearly state actual values. We cannot and will not understate the value of the shipment. Because we only/always ship insured, we must declare actual values. Note: extremely high value shipments, like Tele Vue scopes, cannot go by post office.

5.We do not ship to hotels. We have found most packages get lost or stolen that way. We only make an exception for customers who visit our facility in person. We are trying to protect you--most requests to ship to hotels are fraudulent use of stolen credit cards.

6.It does not pay to purchase items of less than $70 from the USA. Even minimal shipping will be $40-$50, and that is too high a percentage of the price when purchasing inexpensive items.

7. No order is charged before it ships.

Thank you for understanding.